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Meet Your Hosts

Scott Bio Pic_edited.jpg

Scott Moore

Scott graduated from University of Tennessee in 2003 with a degree in Journalism and too many minors to calculate. During his free time Scott raises wild dogs and continues to try and convince his wife and two daughters not to emancipate from him…So far, so good.

Matt Bio Pic_edited.jpg

Matt Webb

Matt is an attorney who watches Fox News and forms most of his political opinions based on Facebook memes. Matt is fiscally conservative, but typically falls into the “just leave me and everyone else alone” camp on most social issues. He is married to a woman way out of his league and together they have five amazing kids.

Actual Fake Reviews

Moved to Tears

"I literally wept after listening to Matt and Scott, and not just
because I felt sorry for them"

True Professionals

"If professionals were actually amateurs who like to talk but who really don’t know much about anything."

Hate Them

"Mom’s meatloaf is better than these jackasses."

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